Tomi Lahren | Show me the downside of Democrats boycotting the inauguration


“So I hear there are some snowflakes, I mean Democrats planning to boycott the inauguration. Okay Americans, join with me in saying, ‘So what.’ Is this really a loss for anyone?”

“I don’t think so. I see it as resources saved, and the conservative in me is pretty stoked about that.”

These bitter folks, sitting on their sour grapes clutching their pearls because they still can’t accept reality. This is nothing new. They live in a land of unicorn promises. Free college, free health care, and free abortions. Reality has never been their cup of tea.

I feel bad for these boycotters. I really do. Because in their minds, opposing, demeaning, delegitimizing Trump has become almost as important as the civil rights movement. That’s quite the tumble.

Denouncing the incoming president is not a social justice moment. It’s a crybaby moment.

“With or without you, we will make 2017 the year of connecting with those who we may disagree with, or even dislike.”

“We will make 2017 the year of saying what needs to be said, not for the purpose of offending anyone, but for the sake of honesty and authenticity.”

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