Cuban Jersey Crisis: NBA Can’t Get Over Trump’s Win


February 21, 2017

Cuban Jersey Crisis: NBA Can’t Get Over Trump’s Win

Much of the media tell us that Cuban relations are improving. If you’re talking about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban however, you can say with certainty that this is without a doubt fake news. Cuban stands 6’3?, but for some reason he has a little man complex when it comes to President Trump.

At this past weekend’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Cuban donned a number 46 jersey. Get it? Donald Trump is the 45th president. The next commander-in-chief will be #46. So, Cuban apparently thinks he may be Mr. Trump’s successor. Let’s just say the chances of the lowly Mavs winning the NBA championship are better than Cuban ever being the prez.

During the 2016 campaign, Cuban was all over the place. At one point saying he may possibly support Trump or Hillary Clinton, even though the two candidates were about as different as big band and dubstep. Cuban finally endorsed Clinton and took snarky shot after snarky shot at Trump. It helped Trump win.

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