Gainor: The Left Has Been Normalizing Violence ‘for Years’

via Breitbart:

February 13, 2017

Gainor: The Left Has Been Normalizing Violence ‘for Years’

“The level of crazy has gone through the roof” on the Left, said Gainor. Asked if he thought the Left has been “normalizing violence,” Gainor responded, “I think the Left has been doing that for years.”

While acknowledging that “it will hurt her career forever,” Gainor added, when it comes to what Villa did, “it’s actual physical courage. The Left has moved into a dangerous place where they target and threaten people they don’t like.”

Gainor added, ‘”Obviously, all conservatives everywhere are pleased by Joy Villa with her dress, the ‘Make America Great Again’ gown.”

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Apparently the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN dress was inspired by Madonna the singing prostitute!

Check out this statement from the designer Andre Soriano


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