MILO: Trump Slims Down Lena Dunham. Is There Anything He Can’t Do?

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February 7, 2017


MILO: Trump Slims Down Lena Dunham. Is There Anything He Can’t Do?


None of us really believes that Lena Dunham can stay off cheeseburgers for long. But if it is true, Trump’s achievement is on par with curing the sick and returning sight to the blind.


You’ll recall that when Lena made disgusting comments about abortion, her excuse was that they were said as part of a “delusional girl persona” she “often inhabits.” Perhaps these weight loss comments were made as part of another persona, one that doesn’t want to die lonely and far too young due to obesity and feminism… but I repeat myself.


I’ve had my run-ins with Dunham. Without a doubt she is one of the best examples of how feminism attracts ugly women. I even offered to buy her ticket to Canada before she explained it was all of course just a joke.

Before the election, I used my Dangerous Faggot college tour stop at Ohio University to point out something Dunham was serious about — the extinction of white men. Maybe the real reason she’s lost her appetite is that she realized her antics directly contributed to Daddy’s election!

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