SARAH PALIN: I’m Announcing A Major Endorsement…


February 8, 2017


I’m Announcing A Major Endorsement…


We’re never going to drain the swamp if we keep electing obstructionists hellbent on capitulating to failed leaders and shortsighted agendas that created the debt-ridden, insecure mess we’re in.

Voters just roared the directive at the top of our lungs that for American sovereignty and solvency, the status quo has got to go. Yet, the GOP establishment still hasn’t learned its lesson.


Republicans pushing a new carbon tax on consumers, pussyfooting around on Obamacare, throwing the new President to the wolves on border security, suppprting an increase in abortion funding, slowrollong cabinet confirmations, and ignoring federal debt prove we mustn’t just whine about the problem – we must take further action.


The U.S. Congress needs Alan Cobb. Cobb is the only candidate who listened to fed up Americans and understood the grassroots movement that would create positive change. Cobb stands firmly upon the planks in the GOP platform that will build a better life for the hardworking people of Kansas and the rest of America.


Our nation needs Alan Cobb. We will have the good delegates of Kansas to thank when Cobb is sworn in to help us make America great again.


Sarah Palin

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