What the Left Doesn’t Know About Hate Speech

Madonna threatens (in a non-violent way, of course) to blow up the White House. This is not hate speech.

Milo Yiannopoulos ridicules an African American actress on Twitter for having no talent. This IS hate speech.

This is modern liberalism. Hate speech for me, not for the thee.

Liberalism has become the opposite of liberal. It has become a sick cult of political correctness, a secular religion so dogmatic that anyone who disagrees with its teachings or sensibilities gets thrust into the cultural “stocks” and forever branded an “extremist.” Trump, a president who supports the very border control measures espoused by Bill Clinton decades ago is labeled a racist. Steve Bannon, a former Navy officer, financier and publisher who wants to help America’s working class with economic populism is called a “white supremacist.”

Whether it’s on climate change (formerly known as global warming before things started cooling down), traditional marriage (practiced for thousands of years), or the supposed bigotry of extreme vetting of terrorists – the left does not allow dissent.

And anyone who disagrees is a Nazi.

(Weren’t the Nazis rather rigid about dissent, too?)

Violence from the left, not the right

Meanwhile, we’re told that conservatives are dangerous – and violent. We’re the ones inciting the violence against ourselves, in fact – because we’re naturally violent people, right?

But a quick look at recent history proves otherwise. I don’t remember any conservative celebrities threatening to blow up President Obama and his family in the White House. I don’t remember Tea Party mobs smashing windows, setting limos ablaze at Obama’s inauguration (as leftists did at Trump’s) – or swinging metal poles at people attending college lectures (as they did at Milo’s cancelled speech).

And while we’re at it, how many times was Governor Sarah Palin or her family threatened with bodily harm or insulted in cruel, vulgar ways –even by big-named media personalities and A-List celebrities? I lost count. Did she round up a rent-a-mob to storm 30 Rockefeller Plaza? I don’t think so.

No, as conservatives we’re expected to take it like Taylor Swift and “Shake it off.” Haters gonna hate, after all.

But when you’re a liberal you suddenly have a right to riot. You have a culturally-accepted license to harm conservatives. And, because you believe conservatives are the ones engaging in so-called hate speech – you must literally STOP us from speaking. Permanently, if you had your wish.

Free speech for all

I have a little memo for the liberals. There is no such thing as hate speech, there is only FREE speech. And it’s guaranteed by our Constitution and First Amendment. If you disagree with someone’s SPEECH, you are free to disagree, debate, write letters to the editor, contact your Congressional representative, call your priest, vent to your psychiatric professional, peacefully march or all of the above.

You’re not free to threaten violence against your political opponents – or carry out that violence. In fact, threatening someone with bodily harm is a violation of state and federal statutes. Here in California, Penal Code 422 covers felony criminal threats. You will be arrested and possibly convicted if your threat was: unequivocal, unconditional, immediate, and specific as to convey to the person threatened an immediate prospect of execution of threat, and a sustained fear for safety.

I’m not one to advocate for lawsuits, but it’s time that we on the right lit up the courts. We need to sue these anarchist losers and bankrupt their benefactors. It’s time to call on our leaders to better enforce criminal rioting statutes, and to prosecute true criminal threats. (After all, the left has been attempting to criminalize the pro-life movement for decades by using these same criminal threat statutes in a broad manner that targets any speech that is “militant, emotional or urgent.” And remember how they blamed Governor Palin for a Tucson massacre? Because of a target on a map?)

The Supreme Court recently has begun to more narrowly constitute what is threatening speech. And that’s good for free speech. But the left should not get a pass on their criminal threats.

I also think it’s time to put the fear of God (or lawsuits) into our public schools and institutions. I’m tired of my kids getting bullied at school for being conservative. I’m tired of turning on the news and seeing anarchists causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage on public college campuses. Who is going to pay for that? That’s right — you, me, the taxpayers. Burning crosses has turned into burning food trucks. But the intent is the same: to create fear and chaos — and suppress the civil rights of a targeted group.

When will public universities be forced to ideologically integrate – just as schools in the South were forced to integrate racially? I’d love to hear a discussion on that. Will the market forces (and alumni dollars) naturally favor schools like the University of Chicago that refuse to grant “safe spaces” – and punish schools like Berkeley and others that blatantly condone ideological discrimination? Or will the Federal government need to intervene, as Trump suggested, by threatening to pull grant money if the schools don’t open their campuses to free expression from ALL sides of the ideological spectrum?

Bottom-line: I’m tired of (paying) and playing nice.

And no, that’s not hate speech, lefties. That’s not a criminal threat. That’s Constitutionally-protected dissent.



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