“Women” Of “The View” Are A Coven Of Ugly Lesbian Witches

From this day forth the television program known as The View will no longer be called The View.  From this day forth ABC’s The View will now be called The Coven of Ugly Lesbian Witches.

The Truth Fairy

Here’s why.

via SarahPalin.com:

February 1, 2017


Whoopi Goldberg Crosses The Line Again And Says UNIMAGINABLE About Trump


The latest example comes from Whoopi Goldberg who apparently thinks it is helpful to associate political opponents with radical terrorist organizations.

Not one of the things Whoopi listed comes even remotely close to the horrors committed by the Taliban.  In her heart, Whoopi knows that.  Her adherence to political ideology is preventing her from keeping things civil.  That’s a shame.

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BONUS: The Truth Fairy first called out the ugly lesbian witches on November 10, 2015

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