Sarah Palin urges Trump administration to defend Attorney General Sessions

Sarah Palin warned the Trump administration to stand firmly behind besieged Attorney General Jeff Sessions, or risk further bipartisan obstruction from establishment politicians on Capitol Hill, who she referred to as the “UniParty”.

Sessions is being accused by Democrats of committing perjury during last months confirmation hearings, a factually inaccurate charge. In a written question, Sessions was asked if he had “been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government about the 2016 election, either before or after Election Day?” He was not asked if he had contact with any member of the Russian government for other purposes. Sessions did have two meetings with the Russian Ambassador last year. Speaking with foreign Ambassadors is a routine and common duty for any U.S. Senator.

Leading Democrats are demanding that Sessions resign over this artificially created #FakeNews brouhaha, or at a minimum, recuse himself from any investigation of the Trump campaign. Establishment Republican pols are piling on, also calling for recusal.

Palin speaks from experience, writing she “learned serving as Governor when my nominated AG was defeated during confirmation for no valid reason”, referring to Wayne Anthony Ross, her nominee for Alaska Attorney General, who was rejected by the Alaska legislature when Republican lawmakers succumbed to demands from Democrats. “My fellow Republicans having caved under leftist pressure, refusing to defend my AG”, she wrote.

“It’s all downhill from here unless the Trump Administration refuses to capitulate”, Palin predicted. Her warning may have come too late. Today, Sessions agreed to recuse himself from any investigation, due in no small part to pressure from “UniParty” Republicans.

“UniParty Senators overtly lying about their contacts with the Russian Ambassador, joined by too many in the GOPe stirring it up behind the scenes = elements of a perfectly horrible storm.”

“With the ouster of Gen. Flynn, the crocs smelled blood in the water. Precedence was set. Now more than ever the Trump Movement must pressure the Administration to steel its spine. Or it’s all downhill from here.”

This slippery slope foreseen by the Governor is already in motion with news of Sessions’ recusal agreement.

“When it comes to the obstructionists, give them an inch and they’ll take the circumference of the globe”, she quipped.


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