Ann Coulter calls Berkeley’s bluff; Demands to speak as scheduled

Attorneys send letter to University demanding that event proceed as planned. Growing calls for National Guard to protect free speech.

Ann Coulter is rejecting an offer to speak at the University of California at Berkeley on a new date, after the university canceled her event over safety concerns, then quickly reversed itself saying it would reschedule it.

Coulter says she can’t make it the new date and accused the university of continuing to try to place restrictions on her free speech. And the student group that invited Coulter is now threatening to sue the school. (WaPo)




Attorneys for the Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America Foundation have sent a letter to campus administrators demanding that they allow the event to proceed as planned.


Calls Grow to Use National Guard to Protect Coulter, Free Speech at Berkeley

A growing number of conservative commentators are calling on President Donald Trump to use the California National Guard to escort author Ann Coulter onto the University of California, Berkeley campus when she speaks next week.


On Wednesday, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin floated the idea of federalizing the California National Guard. “[President Trump] should send his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, in there to walk Ann Coulter onto the Berkeley campus so she can give her speech… Either we have a Constitution, or we don’t!” (Breitbart)


Call up the National Guard

We live in a democracy where constitutionally guaranteed freedoms under our bill of rights have to be protected at all costs.  In Berkeley and campuses throughout the United States conservatives are being prevented from delivering their message by liberal administrators who act like they are employees of CNN or MSNBC.


With the crisis of enforcing the first amendment becoming so acute, President Trump needs to federalize the National Guard and make sure individuals such as Ann Coulter are allowed to speak their views on immigration policies or any other topics they choose. This goes for college campuses and elsewhere.


The current state of affairs isn’t going away soon.  This is why the National Guard needs to be called in when needed and stationed in Berkeley to safeguard the First Amendment. (California Political Review)


Free Speech Silenced at Berkeley, Coulter Vows to Defy

An appearance by conservative author Ann Coulter at the University of California at Berkeley scheduled for Thursday, April 27 was cancelled on Wednesday morning — but Coulter has vowed to appear anyway. Berkeley has seen a number of violent protests against conservative speakers, and it appears the university wishes to avoid a similar incident. “I’m definitely…



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