Elizabeth Warren Steals Sarah Palin’s “Fight Like A Girl” Slogan


It was way back in 2011 at a Tea Party Tax Day rally that Sarah Palin took a common schoolyard taunt and turned it into her own political slogan.

Palin was asking timid D.C. Republicans to learn to “fight like a girl”, suggesting that grassroot conservative women had a stronger backbone than GOP leaders in Washington. It is a phrase she has used repeatedly over the last several years and is closely associated with Palin’s conservative brand.

So it was somewhat surprising to see Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren attempt to co-opt the phrase for her own political purposes. Warren stole the line in a tweet yesterday and repeated it in an NPR interview.

Breitbart News reached out to Governor Palin for her reaction to the plagiarized political phrase:

“I don’t know. Coming from liberals who urge women to claim victimization, ‘Fight like a girl’ just doesn’t sound the same as when legit fighters for equality say it, mean it, live it, and will never give it up.” – Sarah Palin


Fox News aired a brief segment on the controversy:


Madison Wisconsin • April 16th, 2011

Governor Palin delivers rip roaring Tea Party Speech in the belly of the beast in Madison, Wi to Tea Party Patriots who were surrounded by protesting Union Thugs and MoveOn.org trash. “Game On, Game On, Bring it!” (YouTube)

* Elizabeth Warren feature image courtesy Edward Kimmel

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