Sarah Palin: Islamic Jihadism Is Evil Incarnate


April 2, 2017

Islamic Jihadism Is Evil Incarnate

Who, just a few years ago, could have imagined the so-called Islamic State – or ISIS, or ISIL, or Daesh, or whatever you want to call it – appearing on the scene and literally crucifying Christians, including children; or that they would brag about beheadings; or that they would be committing mass executions of Christians? That’s evil incarnate – but the big-dog media don’t like to talk about it, and neither do liberal politicians.
And that’s only one strand of Islamic terrorism. There’s al Qaeda and there are other jihadist movements, all of which are dedicated to the extermination or subjugation of Christians. There’s a global war against Christianity in the name of Islam – and a lot of us don’t even know about it, because the lamestream media don’t think it’s newsworthy.

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