Sarah Palin on Trump’s First 100 Days

Governor Sarah Palin joined CNN’s Jake Tapper for an interview one day after her visit and dinner with President Trump at the White House.

Palin related how the invitation came about, with Trump phoning her to “get to DC” and asked if she would “invite a couple of friends”.

“I invited my buddies Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, bold, courageous, all-American dudes who I knew would have good conversation with the President and get to express a lot of good, middle-class, work ethic type issues and policy proposals that they could all relate to, and that’s what happened at the dinner.”

Asked to grade the president’s job performance thus far, Palin said that she was “very thankful that Trump was elected. Thankful that he understands that Americans expect America to be great, and to be strong in order for the world to be more peaceful and more safe, more secure. So very thankful that Trump is performing a lot of the promises he made to lead, not from behind, but to have America lead from up front. Letting the rest of the world know that we expect peace in this world. We don’t want to have to intervene in other nations.”

Tapper tried to goad Palin into criticizing Trump for bringing what he called, “so many Goldman Sachs executives” into his administration. “I can really appreciate successful business men and women who have strong work ethic, and made good decisions in order to do well for their company”, Palin replied.

She however cautioned against crony capitalism, an issue that she has consistently raised, and warned against for many years. She said, referring to Trump voters, “that much of the constituency, much of the base is expecting that the swamp would be drained, that there will not be any kind of embrace of crony capitalism.”

Asked about recent reports of Russian bombers encroaching into Alaskan airspace, Palin responded, “We should always be alarmed when we get wind of what Russia is doing right off the coast of Alaska.” She said that it “has always bugged” her “that people have not appreciated Alaska’s strategic location on the globe.” She voiced concern that not enough attention has been paid to Russian claims upon underwater oil and gas reserves, as well as the mineral resources that lie off of the Alaskan coast. She criticized the Obama administration for failing to fight back against those claims. She expressed hope that the Trump administration would be more protective of our natural resources against Russian claims.

Finally, Tapper asked Palin to comment about the many allegations of sexual harassment at Fox News. Palin was a regular contributor for Fox for several years. “Corporate Culture there obviously has to change”, said Palin. “Women don’t deserve, they should not ever have to put up with any kind of intimidating workspace.”

Palin suggested that women should take a firmer stance when these types of events unfold. “If a woman believes she is being intimidated and harassed, she needs to stand up and do something about it. Not stick around for a paycheck for years and years and years, and then after the fact complain about what she went through. I’m a strong woman. I say we should be more empowered than that.”

Asked, “Did you ever witness, or god-forbid experience anything like that at Fox”, Palin replied, “I wouldn’t put up with anything that would be perceived as intimidating or harassing.”

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