Coulter: Trump Should Replace Much of His Cabinet

Ann Coulter spoke with Lou Dobbs earlier this week and expressed her displeasure at the Trump administration.

“A lot of replacements should be made to much of his cabinet.”  She went on to talk about recent quotes from Rex Tillerson who claimed that America had a lot to answer to for the violence we caused in Mexico.  She also expressed her annoyance at the appointments of people like Goldman Sachs executives and Nikki Haley serving.

Bottom line: she wants to “bring him back.”  The Trump who campaigned was certainly not the Trump who surrounded himself with people obsessed with political correctness and blaming America.  As Coulter suggested, more Jeff Sessions-like appointments.  Check Twitter and see who the left hates the most of the folks working around the president and work from there.

Why not Laura Ingraham as was suggested before?  Why not Sarah Palin?  Why not any person who spent more than a year giving the president his support which was not based on one thing he said years ago, but because of the policies he spoke of?

It remains a mystery to many.




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