Hannity: Stand and fight for what you voted for in November


Sean Hannity implored Trump voters to fight back against the forces aligned to undo the results of the presidential election.

“It is a plot to subvert you, the American people, and undermine the very foundation of this republic.”

“It’s time for you, the American people, you irredeemable deplorables that went out, and went to the rallies and voted for him.”

“Time for you to stand up for what you wanted, and what you voted for in November.”

“Everything you voted for is under attack.”

Hannity listed five specific forces in what he labelled the ‘Destroy Trump Alliance’.

  1. The Deep State
  2. The Media
  3. Democrats
  4. Establishment Republicans
  5. Never Trumpers

“Make no mistake, this is now about overriding an election. The election result. The will of the American people.”




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