Kellyanne Conway Responds to the Lies of Morning Joe and Mika

Kellyanne Conway took a moment from “more important matters”, to address the rumors, lies, allegations, and gossip of the Morning Joe hosts


Since early this year, MSNBC co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have been on a crusade to tarnish the reputation of Kellyanne Conway.  In February, the Morning Joe hosts banned Conway from appearing on their show, and have been on a campaign of character assassination ever since.

Mika Brzezinski said that she refuses to book Kellyanne Conway on “Morning Joe

“I won’t do it, ‘cuz I don’t believe in fake news or information that is not true. And that is — every time I’ve ever seen her on television, something’s askew, off or incorrect.”  (WaPo)

Scarborough referred to Conway’s media appearances as “politics porn” on last Friday’s broadcast.

On Monday, Scarborough and Brzezinski  once again did what they do best, practice gossip as journalism, spinning rumors that Conway, the manager of Trump’s presidential campaign, had disliked her candidate for a very long time.

Mean girl Mika insinuated that, “This is a woman, by the way, who came on our show during the campaign and would shill for Trump in extensive fashion and then she would get off the air, the camera would be turned off, the microphone would be taken off and she would say ‘bleeech I need to take a shower’ because she disliked her candidate so much.”

Scarborough suggested that Conway is only at the White House “for the money”

For months, Scarborough and Brzezinski have taken potshots at Conway, the entire time barring Conway from appearing on their show to respond to their allegations, rumors, and innuendos.

This morning Conway struck back, “taking a moment from more important matters’, and released a statement:

The hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe have become virulent critics of the President and those close to him. Ignoring insults and insinuations is a valuable skill. But when sentiments are attributed to me that are not true, it is necessary to respond.

My beliefs, commitments and loyalties are plain to see.

The notion that I am serving for “the money” or a paycheck is absurd. As campaign manager, I made a fraction of what other consultants have made on unsuccessful presidential campaigns. Then I walked away from dozens of opportunities for millions of dollars, and instead walked into the White House. I would do it again.

It is a privilege to assist President Trump in the White House, just as it was during the campaign. I know him, I respect him, I believe in him, and I am confident in his capacity to be a transformative and successful President.

Kellyanne Conway


A stellar example of class vs. crass.

Way to go Kellyanne!



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