Mark Levin has some special prosecutor “suggestions” for Chuck Schumer


Mark Levin was in superb form, eager to discuss the Democrats meltdown over President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

The radio talk host began by demolishing assertions that Trump’s actions were comparable to Richard Nixon’s infamous firing of special prosecutor Archibald Cox in the midst of the Watergate investigation, often referred to as the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’.

“Let me be very specific”, Levin said. “Richard Nixon during Watergate ordered the Attorney General to fire the special prosecuter, he refused. Then he ordered the Deputy Attorney General to fire the special prosecutor, and he refused.”

“Here”, referencing the current circumstance, “the Deputy Attorney General writes a memorandum urging the Attorney General and the President to fire the FBI director. The Attorney General attaches it to a letter, endorses it, and the President of the United States fires him. It has nothing to do with Watergate, but of course the media and the Democrats .. one and the same, want it to deal with Watergate. The president did not order in any respect an end to the Russian investigation.”

Levin then turned his attention to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “Tell me something Mr. Schumer”, he asked. “Can you name a single Russian, just one, who colluded with Donald Trump and his campaign?”

The Democratic leader is now insisting that the Justice Department turn over its investigation to a special prosecutor. Levin had some suggestions for Schumer regarding that demand.






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