Sarah Palin: Kathy Griffin “sick”, “needs help”


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin branded “comedienne” Kathy Griffin a “sick character” after the D-lister posted footage reminiscent of ISIS video. The images depicted Griffin raising the severed, bloody head of President Trump, as Griffin stared icily into the camera.


“Can you imagine if the subject of such an outrageous visual was a liberal? Obviously, media would be unhinged and uncontained in response”, Palin told Breitbart News.

Following Kathy Griffin’s bloody photo shoot, CNN, the news outlet in which Griffin sometimes stars as a host, just spoke out against Griffin.

They said “what she did [was] digusting and offensive,” but declined to comment if Griffin would still be tapped to host the New Year’s Eve celebration ceremony for the network. (

Donald Trump Jr. asked CNN whether the network would allow Griffin future broadcasts:

The President acknowledged that his 11 year old son Barron had seen the imagery:

The president’s eldest son also expressed the concerns he held, anticipating having to explain Griffin’s violent imagery to the grandchildren:

Outrage from all sides of the political fences forced Griffin into issuing a belated attempt at a career saving apology. It should be noted that Griffin has never before retracted from any of the dozens of deeply offensive statements she has made about public figures in the past, hence confirming that the “comic” is keenly aware that her opportunities for future employment are in deep jeopardy.

“I sincerely apologize”, Griffen said while shaking her head from side to side, her body language reflecting the insincerity of her remarks.

“I’m just now seeing the reaction to these images. I’m a comic. I crossed the line, I moved the line, and then I crossed it. I went way to far. The image is too disturbing. I understand how it offends people. It wasn’t funny. I get it.”

Escaping scrutiny (so far) is Tyler Shields, the photographer who worked closely with Griffin on the shoot. Shields, who also posted the bloody video online, has since scrubbed his Twitter account clean of all references, and is now “innocently” tweeting about the new season of ‘House of Cards’. He also must be held accountable.

The photographer, Tyler Shields – one of Hollywood’s favorites – and Griffin were so confident that they would not face any backlash or consequences that they joked with one another on Twitter about being forced into exile in Mexico once the images went public. The banter between the two on Twitter shows just how unconcerned they were about any actual consequences for the photo shoot. Jokes aside about fleeing to Mexico, the two “artists” apparently had no worries that the pictures might cost either of them sponsorships or contracts – or even fans. (Washington Times)

Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway accurately pointed out that it took time for the pair to hatch this insidious deed:

It was just last July that Griffin shelled out $10.9 million for a swanky mansion in Bel Air. While it’s hard to imagine an America where an “entertainer” of Griffin’s caliber can afford such digs, it is likely she didn’t pay cash for the place.

Here’s hoping she has enough equity to downgrade to a suitably used trailer in some dingy, remote corner, far from where the American people will ever again be exposed to her brand of hate.



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