Sarah Palin: Principles Before Party Politics


May 28, 2017

Principles Before Party Politics

Back in 2009, all across our great nation, everyday Americans decided to party like it was 1773. As the Sons of Liberty pushed back against a tyrannical English king by dumping tea into Boston Harbor nearly 250 years earlier, this new crop of citizens recognized very real threats to the freedoms we cherish and decided to do something about it. Sitting idly by while watching our economy collapse, healthcare in smoking ruins, and government grow intrusively fatter, just wasn’t an option. Tea Partiers, with righteous fire in our bellies, determined to be heard over the cacophony of Beltway politicians who’d turned deaf ears to their constituents. No more business as usual. It was time to return to government of the people , by the people, for the people. This genuine grassroots populism had underpinnings resonating in the hearts of those who were fed up with government overreach into all aspects of our lives. WE organized all across America to work together for fiscal responsibility in place of out-of-control spending, and for limited government as established by our Constitution. We’ve been singing sweet freedom declarations ever since this great awakening shook up the out-of-touch establishment! It is powerful!

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