Apologies Owed to Sarah Palin

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As IIZ well documented yesterday, Governor Palin galvanized grassroots conservatives.  The energy she brought frightened the left. So much that they threw everything at her and her family including the disgusting false narrative that she was to blame for the 2011 Tucson shooting that severely injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Additionally, as Becket Adams at the Washington Examiner explains, it is not enough for the NYT to merely point out in a general way that they screwed up by recently invoking the despicable lie.

The “apology” didn’t mention Sarah Palin of course.  Afterwards our friend Michelle McCormick gave them a little reply:

Yes, the NYT owes Sarah Palin an apology….to her personally and publicly.  With the power they hold, they have a unique opportunity to finally put this lie to rest. Of course, I also hope Governor Palin fights back with everything she has to hold them accountable.

Furthermore, Senator Bernie Sanders should apologize as well.  It’s not about politics.  It’s about decency.  Decency can be found in Governor Palin’s initial response to Wednesday’s shooting that injured Rep. Steve Scalise.  She said:

Today’s shooter appears to be a Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer. But Bernie Sanders is not to blame.

In 2011, Sanders was not so gracious when he used the media-manufactured “blood libel” of Governor Palin’s to raise money.  For him, it was about politics.

So to both the NYT and to Senator Bernie Sanders, just do the right thing even if it means destroying a narrative that so many in your base continue bitterly clinging to.

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