PolitiFact Omits Common Sense in their Paris Climate Accord Analysis

Thursday, Jon Greenburg at PolitiFact gave us a “fact check” on President Trump’s speech on the Paris Climate Accord.  His details for debunking the president only went so far.  Even worse, he didn’t even acknowledge what is so blatantly obvious to someone with the mental capacity of the average teenager.

Some statements:

Trump cited a number of negative statistics about the predicted economic impact from the climate deal, including a $3 trillion drop in gross domestic product, 6.5 million industrial sector jobs lost and 86 percent reduction in coal production, all by 2040.


Take these statistics with a grain of salt.


All of these statistics come from a March 2017 study, prepared by NERA Economic Consulting, that estimates the potential impact of hypothetical regulatory actions necessary to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. The study makes assumptions that gave several economics and environmental professors pause when reacting to the NERA study for ClimateFeedback.org.

He goes on:

Yale professor Kenneth Gillingham said the NERA model tends to result in higher costs than other economic models. The study assumes certain hypothetical regulations, but “one could easily model other actions with much lower costs,” and it also ignores the benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, like avoiding the negative effects of climate change.


Additional professors pointed out that the study assumes:


• that other countries don’t make emission reductions in line with the Paris Agreement, therefore leading American companies to relocate;


• that industries are static and don’t change to adapt to the regulations, and;


• that there would be no increase in clean electricity generation compared to the baseline scenario.


In other words, the NERA model makes assumptions that generate an extreme result.

“Professors” aren’t telling us everything.  And neither is Mr. Greenburg.  Now before I continue, let me point out another aspect of Mr. Greenburg’s article for you to understand the real fraud hidden in this disastrous agreement and weak attempts to debunk the President.

In challenging President Trump’s assertion that China would be allowed to build coal plants while the United States would not, Greenburg freely admits that the countries would have these freedoms: (emphasis mine)

Under the Paris agreement, each country publicly declares how much it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and what it will do to get there. So in that sense, the agreement doesn’t allow or disallow specific actions, like building plants.

He then goes on to pathetically qualify it by saying: (emphasis mine)

Regardless, China has actually taken steps to stop building coal plants. In January, China stopped construction of 103 new coal-fired plants. The move sidelined scores of projects where work had already begun and put 120 gigawatts of capacity on hold.

He then goes on to claim that China has slowed coal production over the last three years….while they were building 103 new coal-fired plants.

So let’s review.  All through 2016, China was constructing 103 coal plants.  During 2016, the United States was in the middle of a presidential election where we had two candidates:

Hillary Clinton: the one most pollsters kept telling us was guaranteed to win.  The globalist who gave speeches to Wall Street and took truckloads more money from Wall Street and billionaires than Donald Trump did.

Donald Trump: the one who was not guaranteed to win by pollsters.  The one who said if he were to win the presidency, he’d pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, and who did not take truckloads of campaign cash from billionaires and Wall Street.

And does Mr. Greenburg even ponder in his analysis the fact that China stopped construction of these coal plants in January which is the same month President Trump was inaugurated — the same candidate who intended on pulling out of the deal?

C’mon people!  It’s common sense.  China (or any country) will not sign off on an agreement which would bind them to the unrealistic production-cutting standards being placed on Americans.  The globalists and billionaires who fund the “research” are only interested in the “green” in their wallets….who will simultaneously benefit while the middle class of America not only foots the bill through taxation but loses millions of jobs right here in the USA.  Cheap labor is their reward.

China had no intentions of halting coal production.  They stopped the construction of 103 plants in January to create a talking point used by Mr. Greenburg in his analysis because they knew globalists would use it, too.  They knew Trump was going to lead from the front, not from behind and they knew he was going to put America first by terminating this complete fraud to the American middle class.

If the left truly cared about Climate Change, they would support President Trump’s proposal that all countries sign off where the deal is fair and that all countries comply.

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