Counterpoint to the Naysayers on Gov. Palin’s Lawsuit Against the NY Times

Governor Palin’s lawsuit against the New York Times for defamation hit the headlines on Tuesday.  The response to the news was met with extreme support from Americans on social media.  Additionally, it was met with a few naysayers as well.  Most respectfully, by Brit Hume of FOX News who stated the following:

Is it really a “high bar?”

I’m not an attorney and I respect Mr. Hume’s knowledge.  However, let’s take both points separately:

“The Times knew what it said was false”

One should assume that reporters for the New York Times are required to know what they write.  An alleged professional journalist is not paid to ramble on the level of an average commenter lurking around in the pages of the Huffington Post.  To claim in 2017 that Sarah Palin’s political map led to the shooting involving Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is something only an extreme Palin-deranged leftist would say in the present day. Rather, it’s something you would find on an extreme website dedicated merely to destroying Sarah Palin (any many of those websites sadly still exist today).

Of course the New York Times (or anyone who’s not a Palin deranged nut job) would know today that the disgusting rumor created by the media in 2011 has been successfully and completely debunked by a few heavy hitters.  That is unless the New York Times claims to have less knowledge than their competition at the Washington PostWhile the lie itself made it half way around the globe, actual journalists should have known it was a lie then and most definitely should know it in 2017. If they’re marketing a “news” product for advertising revenue and the writers of these pieces are cashing the paychecks that trickle down from such revenue, it is upon them that the burden remains.

Reckless disregard for truth”

As noted above, only those who are well known Palin-deranged lunatics would continue to peddle this crap.  Either the alleged journalist who wrote the mid-June article did not know that the charge had been debunked and failed to have the article fact-checked before publishing or they completely disregarded the truth knowing that the mainstream media has often gotten away with reporting Fake News for years on the former governor and her family (something I hope comes up throughout this process).  Either way, it was “reckless.”  The article’s mention of it was for the sheer purposes of sensationalism and quite the ballsy one at that considering that unlike Jared Loughner, it was political ideology that drove leftist, James Hodgkinson to open fire on GOP legislators on June 14th.  The “reckless disregard” was a blatant attempt to divert attention from the fact that the June 14th, 2017 shooter was a Sanders-supporting liberal by claiming that a conservative like Sarah Palin created the environment years prior.  If not, the disregard lies within the hands of the organization paid to provide accuracy in their reporting.

On both of Mr. Hume’s points, Gov. Palin clearly meets the “high bar” needed to win this one.

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