Eric Trump: Democrats and the Media, “Out of Control”


Eric Trump reacts to the left-wing attacks against his family. “I’ve never seen hatred like this.” .. “Morality’s just gone. Morals have flown out the window.”

“The manners, the lack of morals in society is awful.”

“I blame most of these politicians, and I blame the media, because it’s out of control”


Eric Trump spoke with Fox News host Sean Hannity:


Eric Trump — rightly — slams vicious left as ‘not even people’

Eric Trump, following in his father’s footsteps, issued some blunt talk about the very vicious left and its very vicious hatred – and now, predictably enough, his comments are being a bit skewed, no doubt, in order to drum up some of that vicious leftist hatred to generate even more anti-Trump headlines. Sigh. It’s such a…



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