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As a naturally born citizen of Southern California, hearing the news that my state just rejected gun grabbing really warms my heart.

I have sadly watched our once golden state deteriorate over the years into the fiasco it is now. Growing up in Southern California was glorious!

One of the saddest things to watch deteriorate is public education. We used to have the best public education! Then the PTA was stripped of any meaningful power and the greedy Union Bosses took over and made a mess of things. I say put the PTA back in charge. A group of angry Moms can fix ANYTHING.

Our schools DON’T TEACH CIVICS ANYMORE, duck duck goose is banned because it is “too competitive”, “Dodge Ball” is banned because it is “too aggressive”, the grading of students papers with a red pen is “too harsh a color”, dressing up in kindergarten as Pilgrims and Indians while sharing a meal together at Thanksgiving is RAAACIST.

California’s recent rejection of gun grabbing gives me hope that REAGAN COUNTRY will rise again.

When you look at the 2016 election night map (the version that shows how the counties voted) you’ll see that practically all our counties are red. It’s the densely populated urban cities (who are masters at “getting out the vote”) are the ones who keep California blue. Citizens of our red counties have been demoralized to the extent that they often don’t vote!

Why? Because the phrase: “California is a blue state” – has been ingrained into our minds for decades.

It doesn’t have to be this way. To help fix California, an aggressive concerted effort of voter out-reach into our red counties could allow a populist leaning conservative to win a state wide election.

I refuse to give up on my state.

The Truth Fairy

via Young Conservatives:

June 29, 2017

California Gun Grabbing Rules Rejected By State Agency

New rules meant to make it harder for citizens to own guns in the State of California have been stopped dead in their tracks by a state regulatory agency that says the rules were improperly implemented by the state legislature.

The California Office of Administrative Law (OAL), the agency that would implement the new rules drafted by the Democrats in Sacramento, blocked the new gun registration law with a “denial of request to file and publish regulations” on Monday.

The new rule contains 40 new definitions to reclassify normal firearms as “assault weapons” in order to force gun owners to submit their names into a gun owner’s database. The database will ultimately serve as a list of addresses for later confiscation by the state once it works itself up to start banning the guns.

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