Hillary playing ‘Blame Game’, finds even more excuses for losing election


Psychology expert Dr. Gina Loudon and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski react to the latest installment of Hillary Clinton’s excuse tour.

Loudon characterized Clinton’s behavior as that of an “elitist narcissist” saying, “This is the same person who took no blame for Benghazi, who took no blame for an illegal server. I can’t believe we would even for a moment have expected her to give a big mea culpa for her miserable performance in an election.”

Lewandowski attributed Clinton’s election loss to geography, “She doesn’t know how to find Wisconsin on a map. She couldn’t find Ohio on a map. She couldn’t go to Pennsylvania. She didn’t go to Iowa. She hasn’t been to Michigan. She lost North Carolina. She lost in Florida. Look, this is very simple, she’s bad at geography.”

Hillary Clinton is “masterful” at “dodging” said Loudon. “These are symptoms of a narcissist.”


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