Ice Director: Illegal Immigrants ‘Should Worry’ About Deportation


ICE Chief to Criminal Illegals: You should be uncomfortable. You should be looking over your shoulder. You should be worried you’re going to be arrested.

Acting Ice Director Thomas Homan defended the arrest of student on the day of his prom. Speaking at a House Appropriations Committee hearing, Homan told Rep. Nita Lowey that “if you’re violating the law, you should be uncomfortable.” That an illegal immigrant “should be looking over his shoulder if he’s in this country in violation of law and ordered removed. He should be worried that he’s going to be arrested.”

Lowey questioned the ICE chief’s priorities in arresting a hard-working, law-abiding student. “He’s not law-abiding”, Homan rebutted. “He violated law. He was told by an immigration judge, ‘You must leave’, and he failed to do so.”

Homan asked the New York Congresswoman’s help in avoiding situations where illegals are at risk of being arrested near schools, or in their homes. “If I have access to the county jails. If people honored my detainer, I could arrest people in the safety and security of a country jail. But since I can’t, I have to go to the neighborhood. That’s what puts fear in the immigrant community, if my officers knock on doors in their neighborhood.”

Sanctuary policies in places like New York, actually lead to additional immigrant arrests. Homan explained to Lowey that when he goes to a home, “I’m probably going to find other people here illegally”, and that he would also take them into custody.


Thomas Homan, ICE chief, says illegal immigrants should live in fear

Illegal immigrants should be living in fear of being deported, the chief of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Tuesday, pushing back against a growing sentiment among Democrats on Capitol Hill and activists across the country who have complained about agents enforcing the laws on the books. Thomas D. Homan, acting director at ICE, said anyone…



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