Lou Dobbs on Deep State efforts to oust President Trump


Fox Business anchor shared a few thoughts on the war being waged by entrenched Washington institutions against President Trump and his administration.


Dobbs Commentary:


Historian Doug Wead joined Dobbs to discuss the effort being waged by intelligence officials, State and Justice Department actors, and their proxies in the media.

They’ve overthrown governments in Vietnam and in the Philippines, and in Iraq and Iran, in Egypt, in the Ukraine. Duly elected, democratically elected governments. They create what they call ‘popular uprisings'”, said Wead.

“That’s their skill set. These people, some of them in the State Department, some in intelligence, some in the media. They’ve worked together to overthrow other governments. It was inevitable that they’d use the gun on ourselves. So, here they go, lets see if we can do this in America. It looks like a coup d’etat. I don’t know how else you could explain it.”

Presidential historian Doug Wead joined Dobbs to discuss the D.C. insurrection:



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