President Trump at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference


Don’t miss this fine speech by President Trump. Warm and relaxed, the President re-articulates those many reasons we all voted for him last November!

President Trump spoke to the annual gathering of evangelical activists at this years Faith & Freedom Coalition’s conference in Washington.

“We will always support our evangelical community, and defend your right and the right of all Americans to follow, and to live by the teachings of their faith.”

“We are going to battle for every American who has lost a job, for every family who has lost a loved one, for every American of faith who has lost their rights and who has lost their freedom. The forgotten men and women, will never ever be forgotten again.”

“The entrenched interests and failed bitter voices in Washington will do everything in their power to try and stop us from this righteous cause. To try to stop all of you. They will lie, they will obstruct. They will spread their hatred and their prejudice. But we will not back down from doing what is right.”

“We know that the truth will prevail. That God’s glorious wisdom will shine through, and that the good and decent people people of this country will get the change they voted for, and that they so richly deserve.”

Enjoy the President’s full remarks:




We believe that the greatness of America lies not in the federal government but in the character of our people — the simple virtues of faith, hard work, marriage, family, personal responsibility, and helping the least among us. (Faith & Freedom Coalition)




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