President Trump recaps the achievements of his first foreign trip in this weeks address


President Trump touted the successes of his first trip abroad as president in his weekly address to the American people.

The nine day itinerary took him to Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, NATO headquarters in Brussels, and the G7 summit in Italy. Before returning to Washington, the President and First Lady Melania spent time with U.S. troops stationed in Sicily.

Trump met with nearly 100 foreign leaders during his excursion. “Everywhere we went, my goal was to advance American interests, to build a coalition of nations to drive out the terrorists, and to unlock a future of peace, prosperity, and hope for all Americans and people around the world.”

A “new center to combat extremist ideology” was established during the summit with the leaders of 50 Arab and Muslim nations, and a task force was launched “to block funding for terrorists”.

The president urged Arab leaders “to take more responsibility on migration, so that more young people are part of creating a better future in their home societies.”

At the NATO summit, Trump said that member states “agreed that they must do more to meet their financial obligations, and pay their fair share.”

Trump listed achievements at the G7 summit. Working “to improve coordination on shared security threats” and achieving “more fair trade that gives workers a level playing field”.

The president said that G7 partners also “agreed on the goal that refugees should be resettled as close to their home countries as possible, so they could be part of the future rebuilding.”


Watch President Trump’s full remarks:



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