Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomes Ambassador Nikki Haley to Jerusalem


Ambassador Nikki Haley and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exchanged warm pleasantries on her first official visit to Israel representing the U.S.

Netanyahu extensively thanked Haley for the stand she has taken against the abuse that the U.N. has heaped upon Israel for far too many years.

Haley told the Prime Minister that she believes that many of her U.N. counterparts understand that the world body’s treatment of Israel must change.



Prime Minister Netanyahu: How are you?

Ambassador Haley: Good morning. How are you?

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Welcome. It’s good to see you.

Ambassador Haley: It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Thank you. Good to see you here.

Ambassador Haley: It’s my pleasure. I’m so excited to be here in Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Thank you for all your help and standing up for Israel, standing up for the truth, which is standing up for America. Actually, I think it’s standing up for the UN as it was originally conceived.

Ambassador Haley: You know, that’s all I’ve done, is tell the truth, and it’s kind of overwhelming at the reaction. Cause it was just talking about what I was saying

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Well, its just people appreciate truth. We have an ancient Hebrew saying that when somebody tells the truth, you can feel it. So people feel it, they not only understand it, they feel it. And we feel it.

Ambassador Haley: Well, and that’s been obvious. Thank you for the support. We appreciate it.

[ now seated ]

Prime Minister. Netanyahu: We’re glad to see the fruits of your efforts. It’s just so common sense. Uncommon common sense. And it’s the way people react across a very wide spectrum.

Ambassador Haley: It was a habit. The U.N., it was a habit. It was something they were so used to doing, and if there’s anything I have no patience for is bullies, and the UN was just being such a bully to Israel, because they could.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Bully and bull. Both.

Ambassador Haley: And you know what I was saying to Ambassador Friedman [ U.S. Ambassador to Israel ] is that we’re starting to see a turn in New York. I think they know they can’t keep responding in the way they’ve been responding. They sense that the tone has changed.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Well, you’ve made a great difference. President Trump and you I think have changed the discourse, have drawn new standards, and everybody’s taking up, and that’s great. I think it makes a world of difference, both for Israel, the U.S.. And again, I really mean this. I felt that the UN would collapse, you know, that whole scaffolding of lies would just collapse. I think you’ve put in that simple word, truth!

Ambassador Haley: We were talking with some Ambassadors in Geneva, that are all on the Human Rights Council, and when we talked to them about Agenda Item Seven, they were embarrassed by it. You know, they acknowledge the fact that it just makes no sense. You can’t sit there, and of all countries, Israel?



Press Release via the United States Mission to the United Nations:

June 7, 2017

As part of her work as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Nikki Haley met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on June 7, 2017, at the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem.

Ambassador Haley and Prime Minister Netanyahu reaffirmed the strong, unshakable bonds between the United States and Israel.

Ambassador Haley assured Prime Minister Netanyahu that the United States would continue to combat the unacceptable bias against Israel throughout the entire UN system. She noted U.S. leadership has already led to notable progress in ending the UN’s disproportionate focus on Israel, though recognizing that much work remains until Israel is treated fairly in all UN fora.




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