#ResistMarch Dear LGBT: Please Stop Scaring People For No Reason


National LGBT groups consider my views on “Gay Pride” controversial. I do not believe my views should be considered controversial at all. But they are:

“Self segregation is a bad thing. Being gay is nothing to be proud of – or ashamed of. Sex is not an achievement. Dogs do it

Why is this controversial?

During the 2016 campaign I attended many Gays For Trump flash-mobs in West Hollywood. President Trump has many gay supporters. Unfortunately these supporters are being discriminated against, ignored, and harassed.

Today the city of West Hollywood is hosting an event formerly known as the Gay Pride Parade. This year the event has been reclassified as an anti President Trump parade called the #ResistMarch. All Gays For Trump groups have been banned from the event.

It’s a clever strategy. Thousands of people attend the event every year anyway. This year the radical left can easily create the optic that thousands of people showed up to protest President Trump, and that all gay people hate him – without having to really do anything at all except change the messaging on the demonstrators signs they hold while marching.

Rupaul was right. The national LGBT has turned into the pigs from George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

A group that once lectured us on tolerance and discrimination is now guilty of the crime themselves.

The national LGBT will eat itself from the inside out.

The Truth Fairy

Check out this article from writer Chad Felix Greene (author of Reasonably Gay):

via Chad Felix Greene:

January 1, 2017

LGBT: Please Stop Scaring People For No Reason

Trump is the first president to enter the White House supporting Same Sex Marriage, he has transgender friends, he waved a rainbow flag at a press conference for his gay supporters with a smile. What more does one need exactly? He didn’t need to ‘evolve’ like Obama did. He wasn’t married to the most legally anti-LGBT president in history, Bill Clinton, who signed DOMA and DADT. He simply embraces modern, liberal positions related to LGBT without needing to explain himself. Exactly what equality was always meant to accomplish.

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