Sen. Diane Feinstein calls for probe into Loretta Lynch interference with Clinton investigation


Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein called for a new investigation on whether former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered with the FBI’s Clinton email investigation.

Appearing on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’, Feinstein was asked about former FBI director James Comey’s testimony that Lynch instructed him not to refer to the Clinton email probe as an investigation, and was directed by Lynch to only call the investigation, “a matter”.

Comey said that Lynch’s dictate “confused and concerned” him. “It was inaccurate,” he testified. “We had an investigation open for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, we had an investigation open at the time. That gave me a queasy feeling.”

CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked Feinstein if Lynch was “giving cover” to the Clinton campaign, in effect shielding the presidential candidate from public knowledge of the investigation.

“I can’t answer that”, said the California Democrat, adding “I would have a queasy feeling too, to be candid wit you.”

“I think we need to know more about that”, said Feinstein. “I think we should have the Judiciary Committee take a look at that.”

Senator Feinstein is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Her consent paves the way for Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to open an investigation into Lynch’s actions over the course of the Clinton email investigation.

Notably, Feinstein said that this would be “a separate investigation”, not an extension of ongoing Judiciary proceedings. “I don’t think we should mix the two.”




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