Tucker Carlson | Trump gets US out of bad climate deal and the left melts down


Tucker Carlson lambastes leftist reactions to President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

Carlson rejected their rehearsed, canned response saying pithily, “Well, we’re no longer obviously talking about science here. What you’re watching is a priesthood defending its faith.”

Climate change according to the left is “Shut up and believe!”, he observed.

Leftists “don’t care what voters think. They lost interest in democracy a long time ago and they’re no longer hiding that fact”, Carlson charged.

Philip Levine, the mayor of Miami Beach joined Tucker, not to engage in debate, but merely to spew stale, memorized talking points that completely failed to answer Carlson’s specific inquiries. It proved to be an unintentional confirmation for all of the justifications President Trump spelled out when announcing his decision to reject the Paris Climate Accord.


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