Tucker Carlson | U.S. Intelligence Services are Corrupt and Politicized


Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson directly accused U.S. intelligence services of usurping the government of the United States. “Our intel services are corrupt and they’re politicized, and they’re making it very hard to run the U.S. government”, he said.

He alluded to the existence of a shadow government, or deep state. “Does that sound like overstatement”, he asked. “Consider how much of American politics now revolves around information that’s been strategically, often misleadingly and illegally released for political effects.”

Carlson cited a very long, detailed list of recent examples of classified intelligence that was illegally leaked, for the purpose of damaging the Trump administration.

“We’re seeing something new at work here”, differentiating today’s intelligence service leaks from the insider type of leaking made by political appointees that has always plagued Washington.

“These are strategic leaks. The release of classified intelligence from from people whose job it is to collect and safeguard that intelligence.” Leaks from career intelligence officers and personnel designed to control the government of the United States.

“It’s an utter perversion of the system”, he charged.

“We give enormous power to our intelligence agencies, CIA, NSA, the rest of them.”

“We let them listen to our phone calls, read our email, watch us from satellites.”

“We let them do that so they can keep us safe from foreign threats, not so they can pick our political leaders, or devise our policies.”

“We have elections to do those things.”

“In a democracy we’re in charge. Not them. Not unelected bureaucrats.”




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