Van Jones: Hillary Clinton campaign took “$1 billion dollars and set it on fire”


Longtime Democrat activist and current CNN pundit Van Jones accused Hillary Clinton and her campaign of spending one billion dollars mostly “on themselves”.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign did not spend their money on white workers, and they did not spend their money on people of color. They spent it on themselves! They spent it on themselves!”, Jones told the assembled group of left-wingers.

Let’s be honest”, Jones continued. “They took a billion dollars. A billion dollars! A billion dollars, and set it on fire, and called it a campaign!”, Jones thundered to the wildly applauding crowd.

Jones pointed toward the self-serving, wasteful spending on Clinton cronies, “A billion dollars for consultants. A billion dollars for pollsters. A billion dollars for a data operation that was run by data dummies”.

While Hillary Clinton continues her excuse tour, blaming everyone, James Comey, Russians, fake news, and the Democratic National Committee itself, Jones aptly fingers the true culprit. Hillary Clinton and her corrupt campaign.

Jones spoke at ‘The People’s Summit’, an annual conclave of leftists self-described as determined “to building a broad, bigger progressive movement”.




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