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1776er | July 2nd, 2017

This whole Mika and Joe thing is kind of interesting don’t you think?

Firstly, you have these two “serious journalist” types who really are not very intelligent if you listen to them at all. Particularly Mika. She just kinda hangs on and swivels her head from time to time and then adds something dumb to what others are saying. And Joe? Joe is the bore at the end of the bar who thinks he knows a lot about a lot and just won’t shut up.

Then they go and get engaged? These two aging irrelevant “journalists” who aren’t too bright to begin with are going to ball and chain it forever? Whew.

Just a pathetic story on its own. You might feel a little sorry for them. And titter a little behind their backs.

Their little daily gossipy show for the brain dead? I mean let them have it. Who was watching?

Then to goose their low ratings and ingratiate themselves with the #Never Trumpers they go after the Donald? And his family?

And they think maybe he’ll just sit back and let them do it?

Mika and Joe according to this article think they “know” Donald Trump. They don’t know Donald Trump.

If they spent a little time with us here at C4P they might have a better appreciation of him.

Three words for Mika and Joe: Spectrum of Relationships

Mika and Joe are a prime example of slotting along the Donald J. Trump Spectrum of Relationships.

They think they “know’ Donald Trump and his family and they thought they were slotted in the “Friends” space along the Spectrum.

Donald may have had them slotted there at some point. Friends of a sort. Not close of course. Never close. At the periphery. Part of the “entertainment” crowd. See you at the party “friends”.

That’s a pretty soft slotting. Then something happened on the way to the TV ratings. And the “Friends” thought they could take advantage of Trump to boost their own brand. They thought they could use Donald Trump and his family. So they went after him catty like on television.

Wrong thinking there.

Being slotted on the “Friends” end of the Trump Spectrum of Relationships is not a bad thing really. Even if you are just on the periphery. Even if the extent of the “Friendship” is just “Hi how are you doing? Nice to see you! Are you going to West Palm this weekend?”

Doesn’t everybody have friends like that? What’s wrong with being pleasant with people of your acquaintance in your “crowd”?

When you start gossiping and talking nasty about “Friends” like that … On national television… about Friends of a Soft Sort … What do you expect? What would you do?

Thing is Mika and Joe are so dumb THEY HAVE MOVED THEMSELVES from the Soft Friends end of the Trump Spectrum of Relationships to the other end in a very short order.

They aren’t Friends of Any Sort at the moment. So where do they fit on the Spectrum at the moment?

Permanent Enemies? Nah, they aren’t that important to bother with. The Permanent Enemy slot is at the edge of the Spectrum and it is doubtful that there is more than a handful of poor b*stards occupying that remote and cold region of the universe. Why would anyone want to be a Permanent Enemy of Donald Trump? Heck, think about this: There is no Nation or leader of nations… to include North Korea and the Fat Boy .. who are Permanent enemies of Donald Trump. Trump wants to meet with the Fat Boy under the right circumstances. Mika and Joe don’t rise to Permanent Enemy standing on the Trump Spectrum of Relationships.

Permanent Adversaries? Nah, Trump DOES NOT HOLD GRUDGES because Grudges don’t pay. To Donald Trump, Adversaries are just people who have not yet seen the light. Doing business with Adversaries brings some of the most satisfaction or sense of accomplishment to Donald Trump. Ask Trump and undoubtedly he will say something to the effect “My greatest deals happened with people who thought they were my adversary.”

All slotting on the Trump Spectrum of Relationships is temporary. So Mika and Joe have “adjusted” themselves without waiting for Trump to do it for them. They have moved themselves from “Temporary “Soft Friends of a Sort” to “Temporary But Useful Soft Antagonists of the Moment”.

One of Trump’s great political insights is his recognition that the ability to choose your “enemies” is one of the great advantages in the political arena. The LSM. CNN. The NY Slimes. The Washington Compost. Fake News. Add to the list Mika and Joe.

This isn’t a fair fight. Trump has the whole country laughing at all those “Temporary But Useful Soft Antagonists of the Moment.” At the end of the evening the referee will be standing between a smiling Trump and a confused Useful Soft Antagonist of The Moment such as CNN or the Slimes or Mika and Joe while the ring announcer intones the judges decision. The Judges have scored the fight …….

The judges decision? Who are the judges? Millions and millions of TV viewers. Laughing and enjoying the spectacle.

Some cheering the Donald on in the Red, White and Blue trunks taking on the least trusted institution in America…. TV and The Press. Those cheering on the TV and Press? Can fit em all in a phone booth. Remember how small phone booths were?

They used to call Mohammed Ali’s Useful Antagonists of the Moment the “Bum of The Month Club”.

When you get to choose the “Bum of the Month” you win a lot of those contests.

Trump chooses wisely. Mika and Joe have volunteered to be a very useful “Bum of the Month” for Donald Trump and now Melania .

Even Barron could handle them if he felt like it. They might be a good training or sparring partner to teach the young man how the whole thing works.

Barron to Mika: “You don’t know me you old used up hag! Go away you ugly old witch!”

The good news for Joe and Mika is that they are so insignificant in the world of Donald Trump that their self-selected status as Bum of The Month is purely temporary.

Soon enough, at some reception, a smiling Donald Trump and or Melania and or Barron will brush by them on the way to the center of attention and say something like:

“Hi how are you doing? Nice to see you! Are you going to West Palm this weekend?”



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