Alan Dershowitz: Stop accusing Donald Trump Jr. of non-existent crimes!


Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz defends Donald Trump Jr.’s first amendment right to obtain information damaging to Hillary Clinton from a Russian lawyer.

Although he did not receive any damaging documents, Trump had every right to take the meeting, and committed no legal wrong in seeking the information.

Dershowitz, who supported the candidacy of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election said:

“I’m shocked as a civil libertarian, as a criminal lawyer, and a liberal, in how liberals are prepared to stretch existing laws, talk about treason, talk about other kinds of crimes that just don’t exist when it comes to the facts as we know them about this meeting. So I’m going to keep insisting that we stop accusing people of crimes when there’s just no evidence of that.”

Candidates have a first amendment right to obtain and use information or materials from any source, Dershowitz stated. “Collusion is not a crime”.

He took strong exception with those recklessly accusing Trump of treason:

“It is inconceivable that anybody who has any knowledge of the constitution or of American history, would argue that a private citizen by securing information for a campaign from somebody who may be a surrogate of the government [Russia], has committed treason.”

“It’s just so ahistorical and so contrary to what the law is that we ought to stop talking about it, because we’re miseducating American people. We’re miseducating young people.”


Dershowitz spoke with Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro:



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