Dennis Prager: News media greater threat to civilization than Russia


Talk host Dennis Prager lit a brush fire on Twitter when he mimicked President Trump’s belief that mainstream media is a threat to America.


While Prager is a recognized name in conservative circles, the tweet far exceeded his usual social footprint, garnering nearly 12,000 likes.

He doesn’t understand why the tweet is controversial, saying that [Russian president Vladimir} Putin “does not threaten Western civilization.” He explained that “Western civilization is a set of ideas and values.”

Prager said his only regret about the tweet is that he did not list universities along with the media in his tweet. “When students remove the American flag from their campuses, that’s not Putin. All the things that are happening in the West to undo Western civilization have nothing to do with Putin.”

“The New York Times publishes pieces that it is unfortunate that the United States was ever founded. We should have been part of Canada from the beginning”, Prager cited as an example of media undermining American values.

He pointed toward the influence that the combined leftist forces of mainstream media and their allies in higher education have had. “Half of America’s millennials think socialism is preferable to capitalism. That’s a result of universities and the media.”

Asked if he agreed with President Trump that “fake news is distorting democracy in our country”, Prager said, “The media have gone from news media, to opinion media in the guise of news. That is extremely dangerous. So essentially, he is right.”

“The left has taken over the universities and the media in the West.” Prager said the threat extends beyond American media. “It’s true for the BBC, it’s true for the major media in Germany.”

Prager spoke about the controversy with the morning hosts of Fox & Friends:

Prager isn’t just tweeting and talking about the threat to American values found at today’s universities. He has partnered with commentator/comedian Adam Corolla to produce ‘No Safe Spaces’, a documentary film aimed at exposing “the most dangerous place in America for ideas and debate: The college campus.”

Watch the trailer:



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