Failing New York Times Tag-Teamed By James O’Keefe And Governor Sarah Palin

This hasn’t been a good week for The Failing New York Times.

Earlier this week, The Failing New York Times was notified that Governor Sarah Palin: “intends to subpoena nearly two dozen New York Times reporters, editors, and employees and ask the Times to produce “every internal communication it has had about her since 2011” for her defamation lawsuit.“.

Cut to today:

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas announced he intends to go after (and expose) The Failing New York Times.

Isn’t it fantastic to watch the dinosaur corporate media be held accountable?!?!?!?!

via Claps News:

July 28, 2017

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to expose NYTimes next announcement [VIDEO]

James O’Keefe the founder of Project Veritas announced at the Freedomfest in Las Vegas, Nevada who he plans on exposing next in the media.

While giving his speech in Vegas, O’Keefe who exposed CNN’s obsession with peddling the Russia story for ratings. Announced his next expose of media bias would be leveled at arguably America’s most esteemed newspaper publication, The New York Times. Watch below James O’Keefe spill the beans below.

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