Gutfeld | Scarborough’s GOP departure more of an “enema” than a “exit”


Greg Gutfeld led the ridicule following Joe Scarborough’s announcement that he was leaving the Republican party. Referring to him as ‘Morning Joke, Gutfeld said, “Joe calls it an exit, but for Republicans, it’s really an enema. Talk about draining the swamp. This guy was so inside, he sneezes pollywogs.”

For years, Scarborough has aggrandized himself as a virtual paragon of Republican values, despite the scorn heaped upon him by the conservative base. Witness Nashua, New Hampshire in March of 2014, where Scarborough toe-dipped into presidential politics at a Republican leadership conference that was field testing possible 2016 contenders. Complete non-interest in his potential candidacy forced Scarborough to plead with conference organizers to have his name removed from the presidential straw poll.

Gutfeld said that all of Scarborough’s decisions “are driven by a need for attention. He chases the spotlight till it dims, and then, he moves on. after all, he does tend to leave things. He did resign from Congress, after all”, neglecting to mention that Scarborough has also left two wifes, most recently in the midst of a long-term affair with co-host Mika Brzezinski, now to be his next matrimonial victim.

Following Gutfeld’s more than amusing monologue, the rest of ‘The Five’ panelists weighed in with their own observations.





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