Infowars ‘Great CNN Meme War’ Winner Announced


President Trump set Twitter on fire, when on July 2nd he tweeted a short video depicting a fake wrestling match between himself and CNN. The ensuing outrage from mainstream media only served to inspire internet warriors to produce additional videos, and thus began the Great CNN Meme War.

On July 5th, Alex Jones announced on his InfoWars website that he was offering a $20,000 reward to whoever produced the best meme.

Social media was treated to an onslaught of Trump vs. CNN memes:

There were lots of others, far too numerous to list.

Yesterday InfoWars announced the winner of their contest.

If our feature image above hasn’t already revealed the theme of this meme, the opening seconds of the video should give it away.

Watch the Winner:


For those unfamiliar with the film that this meme was based on, this was Donald Trump inserted into Keanu Reeves’ role as Neo, battling the agents of The Matrix.

Congratulations to the winner!



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