Joy Behar Fantasizes About Sodomy On TV

On Monday, Joy Behar (the ugliest of the coven of bitter ugly lesbian witches on ABC’s The View), practically had a wet dream on air as she vulgarly imagined President Trump and President Putin engaged in sodomy.

How many parents will have to explain sodomy to their children because of Joy Behar?

Democrats become more vile and foolish everyday.

via Breitbart:

July 10, 2017

Behar: Trump Is Putin’s ‘Bottom’

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar made a joke referencing a submissive sexual role saying President Donald Trump was President Vladimir Putin’s “bottom.”

Behar grabbed her co-host Sunny Hostin’s hand to demonstrate saying, “See, when Putin shook hands with Trump, he did this. This is Putin’s hand on top. So Trump was a bottom. Get it?”

As the audience groaned, she added, “What? He was on the bottom, that’s all.”

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