Kelli Ward strikes back at Joe Manchin; ‘Self-righteous phony’


Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward hit back hard at Sen. Joe Manchin, who attacked her for suggesting that John McCain should consider resigning.

Ward said Thursday during an interview on Indiana’s WOWO 1190 AM with Conservative Cartel host Matt Locke, that McCain should consider resigning “so that the business of the country and the business of Arizona, being represented at the federal level, can move forward.” Manchin, a vulnerable Democrat up for reelection in 2018, attacked Ward, calling her “what’s wrong with politics today” and maintaining that she “isn’t welcome in the U.S. Senate.”

Ward fired back, calling Manchin “one of those self-righteous phonies who are truly what’s wrong with politics today.”

“Voters are sick of self-righteous phonies like Joe Manchin who are perfectly happy with the Arizona Senate seat being essentially vacant, so Republicans are crippled with just 51 votes,” said Ward, who called Manchin “A partisan political hack. His agenda includes pushing new federal gun control laws and blocking our president’s plans to Make America Great Again. Manchin led the fight to stop President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, designed to keep Americans safe.”

“The pink hat wearing radical leftist progressives now running Manchin’s Democratic Party are crude, vile, vulgar and vicious and they see Jeff Flake as an easy mark who won’t fight back,” Ward said.  “That’s why they want him as the Republican Senate nominee and not me – because I’ll not only fight back.  I’m going to punch even harder and they know it and they don’t like it.”

“Senator Manchin can make whatever ridiculous statements he wants about who is welcome in the Senate, but that will be decided not by his fellow ‘club’ members, but by the voters of Arizona next fall. I remind the Senator, the voters of West Virginia, who aren’t too happy with his role as partisan attack dog for the Obama-Clinton Machine, will decide on whether he returns or is replaced by someone who supports our president.” (KelliWard)


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