Lara Trump on transparency: Nobody in Trump camp used bleach bit or deleted emails


Lara Trump details the efforts team Trump has made to be completely transparent with investigations surrounding the 2016 presidential campaign.

“This whole notion that there was any collusion with Russia is so ridiculous.” Lara pointed out that Jared Kushner has turned over all documents in advance of his testimony before the House and Senate Intelligence committees, and that her brother-in-law Donald Trump Jr. published the entire record of his email exchanges regarding a meeting with a Russian lawyer.

“Transparency is important to us”, said Trump. She then pointed out the stark contrast between how the Trump camp has responded to investigators in comparison to Hillary Clinton and her associates, “nobody used bleach bit, nobody deleted emails, nobody destroyed cell phones with hammers.”

She explained the reasons behind the Trump camps transparency, “We want the world to know there was no collusion.”

She also talked about recent shakeups at the White House, and presidential criticisms of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Lara spoke with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum:

Lara Trump is the wife of Eric Trump, daughter-in-law of President Trump.



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