President Trump Has Putin Over a Barrel


In his brilliant speech in Warsaw, Poland earlier this week, President Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin’s energy bluff.


 over a barrel

  1. in a helpless position
  2. at someone’s mercy


via CNS News:

Lawrence Kudlow | July 13, 2017


Russia still has a lot of oil and gas reserves. And it uses this to bully Eastern and Western Europe. It threatens to cut off these resources if Europe dares to complain about Putin power grabs in Crimea, eastern Ukraine, the Baltics and elsewhere.

But enter President Donald Trump. In his brilliant speech in Warsaw, Poland, earlier this week, he called Putin’s energy bluff.

It may well have been the best speech of his young presidency. Trump delivered a stirring leadership message, emphasizing the importance of God, freedom, strong families and democratic values.


But in an absolutely key part of the speech, he took direct aim at Putin’s energy bullying.

Trump said, “we are committed to securing your access to alternate sources of energy, so Poland and its neighbors are never again held hostage to a single supplier of energy.”

President Trump has quickly made it clear that former President Barack Obama’s war on business is over. He’s also made it clear, through regulatory rollbacks of breathtaking scope, that the Obama war on fossil fuels is over.


Trump made it clear that America’s energy dominance will be used to help our friends across Europe. No longer will our allies have to rely on Russia’s Gazprom supplies with inflated, prosperity-killing prices.

In short, with the free market policies he’s putting in place in America’s energy sector and throughout the U.S. economy, the business man president fully intends to destroy Russia’s energy-market share.


And as that takes hold, Bully-boy Putin will have to think twice about Ukraine, Poland and the Baltics. He’ll have to think twice about his anti-American policies in the Middle East and North Korea. And he’ll have to think twice about his increasingly precarious position as the modern-day Russian tsar.

And the world may yet become a safer place.

Trump has Putin over a barrel. (read more)


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