President Trump Opens Portal Within Media Space-Time Continuum…

Didn’t CNN just tell us last week that the NYC Public Theater’s depiction of President Trump as Julius Caesar being killed was free speech?

I’m SO confused!

via The Conservative Treehouse:

July 2, 2017

President Trump Opens Portal Within Media Space-Time Continuum…

The word “triggering” always seemed somewhat silly. It just didn’t seem plausible to be able to control the activity of cognitive, free-thinking matriculated humans by using humorous words or images.  However, apparently the secret to revealing the parallel bizarro world is by using sequential gif (video snippets) to unlock the stargate.

According to triggered media punditry President Trump has tweeted a humorous gif creating anti-matter, and tearing open a portal within the media space-time continuum.

Yes, with the use of a hand-held electronic device, Donald Trump has presented a singularity so intense it created a vortex of over reaction leading to an apparent black hole forming and absorbing all common sense within it’s gravitational field.

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