President Trump returns to Ohio to celebrate with supporters


President Trump landed in Youngstown yesterday for a campaign-style victory rally. Ohio is the sixth state to where Trump has returned to visit with supporters since last November’s victory. Flipping Ohio from blue to red with a convincing eight point margin of victory was a key ingredient to his winning the presidency.

Youngstown was a fitting choice for a victory lap, as it was nearly one year ago that Trump delivered a major foreign policy address at Youngstown State University.

First Lady Melania was warmly received by the crowd of 8,000 packed into Covelli Centre as she introduced her husband. “What a year it has been”, said Mrs. Trump. “Because of your support, and the support of millions of hard-working Americans around the country, last fall we defied the odds and reclaimed this country.”

In high spirits, the president took to the podium, “thrilled” to be among his supporters. “Tonight I’m back in the center of the American heartland, far away from the Washington swamp to spend time with thousands of true American patriots.”

The president was barely three minutes into his remarks when he turned to a favorite topic. “I’m here this evening to cut through the fake news filter, and to speak straight to the American people.” Without Trump even mentioning a certain news network by name, the crowd on its own, spontaneously erupted into a chant.

It wouldn’t be a Trump rally without a few protesters sneaking in to disrupt everyone’s good time, and the Youngstown rally was no different, with two agitators on hand to interrupt the celebration.

The first protester was located in the crowd behind Trump and holding a sign that read “Trump/Pence Must Go.” The man was removed by police as Trump turned on stage and watched the incident.

After police removed the man, Trump returned to his podium and said, “Where the hell did he come from?” as the crowd cheered.

Minutes later, a young man was removed by police after holding a USSR flag. An officer grabbed the man around the neck as they escorted him out.

After the man was removed, Trump told a cheering crowd, “He’s a young one. He’s going back home to mommy. He’s in trouble. And I bet his mommy voted for us, right?” (WKBN)

Watch the festive event in its entirety:



Trump rally at Covelli Centre • Youngstown, Ohio • July 25th, 2017



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