Pro-Trump 2018 House and Senate Candidates to form “Trump Caucus”


via Big League Politics:

July 17, 2017

Pro-Trump candidates across the country are banding together in the 2018 election to put up a united front against their Republican establishment opponents.

Big League Politics has learned that at least four major American nationalist candidates will appear together at a rally on August 26 in Pennsylvania to introduce their team-effort approach. This rally marks the first concerted effort to build a Trump Caucus within the United States Congress — something that is desperately needed as the Republican National Committee shows disinterest or outright hostility toward the Deplorable faction.

The America First Rally, organized by a former Trump campaign staffer, will be held at Green Grove Gardens in Pennsylvania near the Maryland border, and will feature Pennsylvania Senate candidate Bobby Lawrence, Maxine Waters’ California congressional opponent Omar Navarro, Joe Manchin’s West Virginia challenger and coal miner Bo Copley, and Elizabeth Warren’s “Real Indian” opponent V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai from Massachusetts. Kelli Ward — who primaried John McCain last year and is now running against NeverTrump Senator Jeff Flake in Arizona — is also in talks to appear. Other candidates are expected to sign on as we get closer to the rally.

The rally organizer is also meeting with Michigan Senate hopeful Kid Rock in several days.


Great America Marketing head Teresa Unruh, who designed the backdrop for every Donald Trump rally during the presidential campaign, told Big League that Trump “has always said we need to unify, because he can’t do everything alone. Everybody knows that, and they’re saying ‘Trump Train.’ But really he’s trying to get help in the Senate to be able to do this and the RNC isn’t helping. It’s no longer two parties, it’s just everybody against Trump.”


“So many good people are trying to come out and there’s no way for them to fight the establishment that has been in power for so long,” Unruh said. “We’re following what we’ve learned about government, and there’s no way that these candidates can fight the money and the establishment without one unified platform. (read more)


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