Sarah Palin: Inner Strength


July 1, 2017

Inner Strength

One of the dangers of democracy is politicians flattering “the people,” telling them popular lies to get elected and stay elected. A lot of politicians will say anything to get your vote, just as some salesmen will say anything to make a sale, or a person with bad intentions will say anything to lead you astray.
In the words of that old country song, “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” Sure, it’s possible for a politician, like anyone else, to be confronted with new facts or new ideas and legitimately change his mind. But I think all of us have an instinctive wariness about flip-flopping.  It might indicate a politician with no real convictions or courage, merely self-interest.
As people of faith, we’re people of conviction and of honesty. We know what we believe, and we should know better than to let a smooth-talking politician, salesman, or partner flatter us into overlooking the truth. The greatest strength we can have is not in our muscles, but in our souls. We need inner strength not to be corrupted by those who would flatter us and deceive us.
Sweet Freedom in Action
Trust your core convictions, and pray that God might strengthen you to always see through deceivers, to keep your eyes on what is right, and to stay faithful and honest and true.

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