Sarah Palin: Liberal Policies Are Like Bad Fruit

Modern Liberals:

Tranny bathrooms, open borders, free pot, free college, free internet, free sex changes, free birth control, mandatory gender pronouns, cultural appropriation, safe spaces, taxing cow farts, and basically “everything for everyone and nothing for ourselves“…


July 15, 2017

Return Bad Fruit

Liberal policies in this country can be linked directly to an almost unbelievable breakdown of the traditional family, to a corruption of our culture to the point that it’s often unwise to leave a child at home with the television remote control (that wasn’t a problem when I was a kid), to a national debt of astronomical proportions that will burden Americans for generations to come, to a heightening of racial division and racial politics, to rising crime and attacks on police, to welfare dependency, to bureaucrats who snip away at our freedom, to attempts to weaken our military…really, the list of evils that can legitimately be linked to liberal policies is endless.

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