SCHOLLA: No Place For God In Secular World Therefore Tim Tebow Is Bad


Corporate Media, Hollywood, and the NFL are Godless heathens. This is not my opinion.

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via Breitbart:

July 14, 2017

Timmy Walk Off: While Haters Keep on Hatin’, Tim Tebow Just Loves Lucie

Always consider the source. In this day and age of fake news, that advice rings more true than ever. Those words make a lot of sense when it comes to Tim Tebow as well. The Tebow haters are loud and plentiful. The weird, visceral hate for the man is of Palin-like proportions. Tebow’s crime? Being a Christ follower, a good guy, and a heck of an athlete.

The secular can’t stand Tebow. After all, he is a devoted Christian. There is no place for God in the secular world, so to them Tebow is bad. Snarky reporters and pundits who—to paraphrase Jack Buck—wouldn’t know a baseball if it hit them in the lip, despise Tebow. They’re jealous. Liberals cringe at the thought of Tebow. The man serves God first and foremost. Not to mention he’s all about work ethic and giving his all. While Bernie Bros look for handouts, Tebow keeps it high energy. To the leftists, #15 is Public Enemy #1.

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